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Endurance Klosterheden
"Rom Ridtet" an endurance ride in Klosterheden, Lemvig, Denmark.
"Rom ridtet" is an endurance ride in one of Denmark's best riding areas - The Klosterheden Forest is the largest planted forest in Denmark. The routes are covering forest and heather and are very beautiful.
In Klosterheden Forest we have Denmark's largest population of beavers - around 160 animals origining from 18 animals, which were turned loose in the forest in 1999, in order to return the species to the Danish nature.
The routes are mostly forest roads ( paths and gravel roads), relatively flat with very few elevations, and almost no asphalt roads to ride. Also, there is almost no auto traffic on the routes.
Our show grounds is on Lemvig Airfield with lots of space to make paddocks for the horses and free camping for the riders. There are toilet and bath facilities on the show grounds, but no electricitiy for camping vans is available. See a map here
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Registration for the CEI 2* and CEI 1* must be via FEI. 
Or contact Inger Skov +45 - 22 49 28 04

The riders will have to book stable separately. 
Romridtet v/Inger Skov | Vibshedevej 4, 7620 Lemvig - Danmark | Tlf.: 22 49 28 04 |